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Fieldtrip to Alps Park – Canyon(July 18th-21st)

Hello everyone,

This week, we were able to see a lot of animals in the park. As a part of LINE OF INQUIRY 1 of our unit 2 lesson, we expanded our vocabulary by seeing some animals and knowing their names. Our youngsters were able to touch the goats and see how they eat their food and drink. We walked through and saw the owl, monkeys, wild boar, ducks, peacocks, donkeys, porcupines, and the parrots entertained us by repeating what the children say. It was a hot but exploring day for our youngsters and they never gave up walking for a long distance while getting themselves hydrated.


Beat the heat☀️

Getting in the pool is one of the children’s favorite activity. They enjoyed splashing in the water and showed us how crocodiles and turtles swim.

We did the earthquake evacuation drill while playing in the pool for the first time. We pretended that an earthquake occurs. Teachers instructed the students to come to the side of the pool and hold the bar tightly. When the earthquake stopped, we explained the rules for evacuation. They are O-HA-SHI-MO.

O-Osanai- don’t push

HA-Hashiranai- Dont run

SHI- Shizuka ni- Keep Quiet

MO- Modoranai- Dont go back

Our youngsters raised their hands and shared their ideas about the rules.





SHI- 喋らない

MO- 戻らない

Crossing the bridge while balancing our bodies

We made the ocean at the entrance of the classroom. We made a bridge over and our youngsters are very careful crossing not to fall off and be eaten by the shark and crocodile. This is to enhance the children’s gross motor skills using the muscles of the body by balancing.


Cutting the Animals Craft

In connection with our UOI lesson, we did the cutting activity. We prepared the printed land animals and our youngsters followed the line to cut them. After that, they used glue to stick them on the construction paper. This activity enhances the student’s fine motor skills by using their hand muscles as well as knowing the land animals’ names.


Have a glance at students doing the animal dance and movements.


Let’s beat the heat by keeping a cool environment and always keeping hydrated.

Have a nice weekend.