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Auld Lang Syne – Milky Way 12/20 – 12/24

Happy Holidays from Milky Way 2022

A year has passed at the speed of light, and all the memories we made and shared are like endless summers full of love and care. The time has come to close this page of our lives, but we will close it with no tears in our eyes but laughter and smile on our faces.


After a very successful Performance Day last Friday, We take it easy this week:


  • Reading and Phonics – We read a book about the Gobi Desert! We looked into the animals in the Gobi and watched on YouTube what this desert looks like. One of our students commented that we couldn’t eat ice cream in the Gobi coz it’s hot. It has been a topic within the students for a while until we finished watching the video where they saw people living there wearing thick furry jackets and sleeping with blankets. They realized that the Gobi temperature was not as high as in the other desert; they finished reading with a smile on their faces, realizing they could eat ice cream there!
  • We then played a game: Body Spelling! We took out words from the book and had others read the word by looking at the body movement of the student in front. They had so much fun while practicing reading in their mind and so as spelling!


・その後、ボディスペリングのゲームをしました。 本に書いてある単語を選んで、それを体で表して、クラスの子に読んでもらうというゲームです。楽しみながら、頭の中で読む練習とスペルの練習をしました。

We also had an Earthquake drill today! The students were busy playing one morning, they heard the bell ring and they immediately drop their toys and hid under the table! They are all well-trained and know what to do during an emergency situation.


Before leaving our classroom this week, we took out all our belongings and cleaned our lockers, chairs, and tables! We are all so grateful for these things, for without them we can’t enjoy our learning journey.



We are all excited and looking forward to starting our New Year. We wish everyone goodwill, friendship, and kind regard!


Have a great year-end and see you all next year!


Days of the Week in Spanish – M.W Morning Routine.