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Our Limited Resources – Milky Way 1/16 – 1/20

This week has been super exciting for our Milky Way students as they look around and beyond the classroom and discover the limited resources we have in our community!


Phonics Game: Long /oo/ vs Short /oo/ sound

To grasp the fundamental concept of our Central idea and connect it to our Line of Inquiries easily, we picked up the big words from it and explored them to get their meaning.

Unit4の中心となるアイデアを把握して、Line of Inquiry(探求の流れ)につなげやすいように、中心となるアイデアに使われているビッグワードをピックアップして、その意味を探っていきました。

We learned that in the community our resources are made of 3 things that are vital to our survival: Human Resources, Capital Resources, and Natural Resources.


To learn about Human Resources, we reviewed what we have done in shooting star last year, which is learning about the Community Helpers, We talked about their role and responsibilities in the community and how vital is their presence to our lives! The whole class imagined the community without these helpers and the possible effect of not having them in our lives. “We need doctors to cure our tummy aches, we need chefs to eat good food”, were some of the reactions given after the reflection. We then drew on a paper, what role we want to get when we grow up and what help will we want to give the community.

まず、人的資源について学ぶために、昨年シューティングスタークラスで学んだことを振り返って、コミュニティヘルパーについて話し合いました。地域における彼らの役割と責任、そして彼らの存在が私たちの生活にとっていかに重要であるかについて話しました。 みんなで、ヘルパーがいない地域を想像して、ヘルパーがいないことで起こりうる影響について話し合いました。「おなかが痛いときにはお医者さんが必要だし、おいしいものを食べるにはシェフが必要だ」、といった感想が聞かれました。そして、自分が大人になったらどんな役割に就きたいか、地域のためにどんな手助けをしたいか、紙に描いてみました。

It was a bit easier learning about Capital Resources, We went back to our IB wall where we posted our Human Resources examples, and we then thought about the things they use to perform their jobs, these are the capital resources, things that human-made to use to produce other things or services! We then dug deeper and used different books, and encyclopedias and discovered more capital resources available in our community.


The search for Natural Resources was the most exciting, We headed to the park and looked for anything that is produced by nature, we took them back to school and talked about the benefits we get from each of them!


As complicated as it sounds, exploring this subject has been a piece of cake for our Milky Way students! They are natural go-getters and are always ready to learn something new!


We got more exciting stories to share in the coming days, We all hope that you’d be with us till the conclusion of this unit!


Have a wonderful weekend ahead!