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Happiness! – Milky Way 3/20 – 3/24

It has been a long and winding journey for the Milky Way class 2022-2023: We have experienced many challenges as a class, survived many storms together, and achieved many goals hand in hand. These moments were the reasons why we have become more than classmates and friends at school, We have become a family: catching each other when we fall, encouraging one another if we lose hope, and giving love to each and one of us when we are lonely and in tears! The smiles, the laughter, the tears, and the time spent together will be in our hearts forevermore.

今年のMilky Wayクラスにとって、とても長く曲がりくねった旅でした。多くの困難に遭遇し、多くの嵐を共に乗り越え、手を取り合いながらたくさんの目標を達成してきました。私たちはクラスメイト以上の、家族のような存在となり、転んだ時には助け合い、自信をなくした時には励まし合い、寂しく涙を流している時には、一人ひとりに愛情を注いできました!この笑顔、笑い、涙、そして共に過ごした時間は、私たちの心の中にいつまでも残っていることでしょう😊

Before we finally bid goodbye to everybody, we made sure we had lots of fun for the last time! We all headed to the park this week and played our favorite game: Catch! We couldn’t believe that we all run faster, we all jump higher and scream louder now. Time will fly and it’ll bring lots of changes to our bodies, but no matter how we change physically, our hearts will stay young and happy!


We did not want to leave our classroom messy and hand it over to the incoming Milky Way class unorganized, so we decided to conduct a general cleaning of the room. As we clean, we remembered lots of memories we made in this classroom, we remembered the first time we could put the sound of each letter together and read a word, and we remembered the first time we were able to write words and sentences. This classroom has been our home for 2 years at the school, and we could not be happier to have been in this very comfortable classroom and discover many things!

そして、来年のMilky Wayさん達へ教室をきれいに受け渡すために、クラスの大掃除を行いました。テーブルや椅子、ロッカーについてたくさんの汚れを落としながら、この教室で作ったたくさんの思い出を思い出しました。初めて文字の音を並べて単語を読めたこと、初めて単語や文章を書けるようになったこと。この教室は、ISNでの2年間、私たちのホームとなりました。この居心地の良い教室で、いろいろなことを発見できたことは、本当に幸せなことでした!

Also this week, we have officially concluded our preschool life; We marched to the stage and graduated from the first phase of our learning journey! We were joined by our loving parents, friends, and teachers. They witnessed us getting our certificate, applauded us as we took our last bow to the school, and shared our dreams with everybody! The ceremony was beautiful and unforgettable.


We may have shed tears during the last day of our class, but this does not mean we are sad, we will sure miss each other but with all the memories we have made together, we will move on, reach our dreams, and become somebody that will help our community in the future.


We all look forward to looking back to these days and remembering everything that made us better, responsible, and loving individuals. We all may part ways and go on our own path, but we will never forget the friendship we have made over the years and the relationship we have built, because this is the meaning of real happiness.



-Ms.Richine and Ms.Kumi