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The Best School Year Ever


We have come to the very last week of the school year 2022-2023. Shooting Star class felt mixed emotion as we said goodbye to our teachers and friends. Ms. Miyu is leaving and its heartbreaking to see students hugging her and saying, Im sad because I know Ms. Miyu is leaving. Two of Shooting Star friends are leaving as well and everyone in the class felt sadness and happiness at the same time while we were having our farewell party. Whatever life throws at us, life must still go on.

今週のShooting Starクラスは、先生や友達とのお別れに、複雑な感情を抱いている様子でした。Ms.Miyuが退職をする事を理解していて、みんなMiyu先生を抱きしめながら”I’m sad.”と言っていました。そんな姿を見て胸が熱くなります。また、クラスの友達が二人、お引越しをするので、みんな寂しそうです。どんなことがあっても、人生は続いていきますね。

All we can say is, Thank you parents, teachers, and friends for the wonderful memory we have shared together. Our experience this year was the best because its in this year that we have overcome our biggest wall, the wall of fear to express ourselves in English. Now we are able to enjoy communicating in English, not only that, our growth was embodied with our learner profile which made us excellent in everything we do.


Parents, thank you for being so wonderful and supportive to Shooting Star class. We were able to reach our goal for this school year because of your collaboration with us. We appreciate the trust you have in us and we wish nothing for everyone, but happiness, good health, success, and prosperity.

保護者の皆様、いつもShooting Starクラスをサポートしていただき、ありがとうございます。今年度、みんなが目標を達成することができたのは、皆様のご協力があったからです。私たちは、保護者の皆様の信頼に感謝し、皆様の幸せ、健康、成功、繁栄を願っています♡

Again, thank you and have a great week, everyone.