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Next Level! – Savanna 10/16 – 10/20

The little inquirers of the Savanna class are moving up to the next level of their learning journey and trying for the very first time to navigate where they are at in their inquiry. The little inquirers understood the mechanics of it right away and shared the results of their self-assessment with the class. We are going to check the grid again and wish to see positive changes from the students!


We have updated our WONDER WALL after our gallery walk, where we showed different pictures of celebrations around the world this week. The little inquirers observed each photograph closely and had come up with lots of questions regarding each celebration, some of their questions were: Why is there a dragon? (referring to Chinese New Year) Why are there lots of food? ( Thanksgiving) Why are we celebrating Setsubun? and many more. These questions will be our guide to which path are we taking in this unit! We all can’t wait to see the results at the end of the inquiry!

今週は世界中の様々なお祝いの写真を見て、よく観察し、それぞれのお祝いについてたくさんの質問をしました: なぜこのお祝いには龍がいるの?(中国の旧正月)、 なぜ食べ物がたくさんあるの? (アメリカの感謝祭)、 なぜ節分を祝うの? などなど。これらの質問は、私たちがこのユニットでどのような道を歩むかの道しるべになります!これから始まる探究の旅に、みんなわくわくしています!

The love of Savanna students in writing is always reflected in their writing drills. They have already mastered not just the formation of each letter and its sounds but also writing on the baselines. It is very satisfying to see their development from only writing lines to writing letters, and sometimes words, too.


The highlight of this week was probably the annual ISN Halloween party! It was held at the Gym and was attended by not just the teachers and students but also their family and friends! It was very nice seeing everybody walking with their favorite character and having fun with the whole school community!


We wish you all a happy weekend and see you all in the NEXT LEVEL!