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Awesome day – Awesome year! Savanna 01/09 – 01/12

A new set of many things, we, at Savanna class welcomed as we begin our Journey this year.


A new song about an awesome day, we sing every morning to help lift everyone’s spirit and encourage us to help and love the people around us. Also, a new action song for the days of the week that helps us hone our listening skills, and a new set of workstations to help us develop more skills.


We have also started inquiring about the remaining unit we have as Savanna class; How We Organize Ourselves – Community Helpers. This unit will help our little inquirers be exposed to different jobs and works and people who help our community safe and healthy. Upon starting the inquiry several questions were listed on the wonder wall such as: Why do doctors look at people? Why do firefighters use water? why do policemen have badges? and more. Also, before we formally start the inquiry, we let our students suggest what community helper they are more interested in and would like to know more about.

サバンナクラスとしての探究する最後のユニット、「How We Organize Ourselves – Community Helpers(地域で働く人々)」についての探究も始まりました。この単元では、さまざまな職業を知り、私たちのコミュニティの安全と健康を助ける人々について学んでいきます。探究を始めるにあたり、ワンダーウォールには次のような質問がいくつか掲げられました:お医者さんはなぜ人を見るのか?消防士はなぜ水を使うのか?警察官はなぜバッジを持っているのか?などなど。そして詳しく探究を始める前に、みんなにどのようなコミュニティヘルパーに興味があるか、もっと詳しく知りたいかをシェアしてもらいました。

Our reading skills have been getting better every day, which is good timing for starting this year, We will start having our books and read them with the class and after that to our parents. We look forward to reading these books to our family and hope that we’ll be able to put smiles on their faces.


We have finally finished practicing letters, and now we have moved on and practicing writing words and sometimes collecting them to make a sentence, it is just so nice to see everyone giving their best and trying to get ready to be a Rainforest student!


May everybody have a joyous weekend ahead and we are excited to make awesome memories in the coming days before we end our journey as Savanna students. Awesome!