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新春も元気いっぱい!Aurora – 04th-12th January (We are full of energy in the new year!)


オーロラクラスでは早速新しいユニット4の探求が始まりました。「Transportation (乗り物)」は子ども達が大好きなテーマです。UOIのレッスンでは、様々な乗り物の写真を見ながら、その名前やその乗物がどこで見られるかなどについて話し合う活動を行いました。一人2枚ずつ配られた乗り物の写真を見て、その名前を言ったり、その乗物が見られる場所(陸・海・空)のシートの上に置きました。ゴンドラのような難しいカードに当たった子はお友達に相談したり助けてもらいながら自分なりの答えを出しました!よくできました!子ども達は既に様々の乗り物を知っていました。「僕のお家にはおもちゃの車があるよ!」「自分の自転車を持っているよ!」と教えてくれる子もいました。私達はこのユニットを通して、子ども達が今まで知らなかった乗り物を見たり、その名前や特徴を知り等、知識を得る喜びを感じたり、興味を持ち楽しみながら探究する心を伸ばして欲しいと願っています。

Thank you again for your continued support this year. In the Aurora class, our new unit 4 has begun immediately. “Transportation” is a theme that children love. In the UOI lesson, we looked at pictures of various transfers and discussed their names and where they can be seen. Each child looked at two pictures of transfers, said their names, and placed them on the sheet where they could see the transfers (Land, Sea, Sky). The child who won a difficult card like the gondola came up with his own answer while consulting and getting help from his friends! Good job! Our young children already knew the various transfers. Some children told me, “I have toy cars at home!” and “I have my own bicycle!” Through this unit, we hope that children will see transfers they have never known before, learn their names and characteristics, feel the joy of gaining knowledge, and develop a sense of curiosity and exploration while having fun.


Have you received the heartfelt New Year’s cards from the children? (They were delivered in a letter folder.) At the end of last year, we introduced them about New Year’s cards, and asked them to draw pictures with New Year’s and winter themes. Then in this new year, they put a stamp on it and put it in the mailbox. He was Santa, he was the postman, and he was a busy teacher, Bobby! (^^)!


We played well in the park and outside. Thay also enjoy the POKKURI toy that Santa gave them. Check out some of the details!


Have a nice weekend!!