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Imagine it! – Savanna 01/22 – 01/26

How did you feel after your skit?

We used this question to conclude our inquiry about the first community helper we looked into, teachers. After talking about the subject, our little inquirers planned a skit where they could mimic the type of teacher they were interested in. The activity was spur of the moment, with no preparation or planning in advance, yet the Savanna students did a great job!



The next in the line our class has started looking into is the community helper who is responsible for delivering our letters/mail and parcels/packages, postmen. One of the comments that struck the whole class was: Mail carriers’s job is not easy, so we should respect them – walking under the sun, in the rain or snow, etc. (of course, the way they said included actions to convey the message they wanted to cross, but that’s what they wanted to say.) Inquiring about community helpers does not just help them to know what is going on around them, but also appreciate the effort and importance of each community helper.


To experience this, the whole class will conduct a “Write a Friendly Letter” to their friends, which they will be given a chance to write a letter to their friends, and one or two of them will act like the Mail Carriers in the classroom and deliver the mails or packages.

そして郵便配達員の仕事を体験するため、クラス全員で友達に手紙を書く「Write a Friendly Letter」を実施し、何人かが郵便配達人に扮して、郵便物や荷物を届けるアクティビティを楽しみました。

It has only been two weeks since we started a new unit and a new set of workstations, but as fast as the speed of light, we have already updated our workstation: We included counting and writing numbers for the Math corner. Our little mathematicians would always ace any activities, including activities that involve numbers.

新しいユニット、新しいワークステーションが始まってまだ2週間しか経っていませんが、光の速さのように、私たちはすでにワークステーションを更新しています: 算数コーナーには、毛糸のポンポンやお花ブロックに加え、アイスの棒を使って数を数えたり書いたりするコーナーを設けました。サバンナさんたちは数字に関係する活動も含め、どんな活動でもいつもエース級です!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dear parents for extending their help to our little inquirers in making their Community Helper Journal. Each student couldn’t just be prouder to share with their classmate what kind of community helper their parents are. Their admiration and love for you were palpable during their presentation; you are their inspiration. Thank you!


Let’s all look forward to seeing them finally doing what community helper they want to be, but for now, we can help them Imagine it! 🙂



See you all in the next blog!