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The health workers visited our class-Shooting Star-January 22nd-26th

医療従事者の方がShooting Starクラスを訪問 1月22日から26日より

Hello Everyone,


Welcome to our fourth blog for the month of January.


This week, a few of Shooting Star students who got infected with flu got recovered and have gradually come back to school. We are expecting for a full house next week!

今週、Shooting Starクラスの子供達は数名がインフルエンザに罹り、徐々にスクールに戻りつつあります。来週には全員戻ってくるのを心待ちにしています。

As part of our UOI, we wanted to know what our parents do, where they work, and how they help the community. With that in mind, we took an interview sheet home this week with three questions that we wanted to ask; What do you do? Where do you work? and How do you help the people in the community? After gathering the information that we wanted to know, we are going to have a class presentation next week which means each student will tell the class about it. And for the presentation, we have made a self-assessment form with a couple of criteria wherein students can assess their their own presentation performance right after they have done it. Criteria are as follows; I looked at the audience, I spoke loudly and clearly, I kept my hands and body still. They are going to encircle the sad, neutral, or happy emoji according to their own assessment. We are going to have our presentation once we collected all the forms. It’s going to be an exciting task for everyone. Knowing what each parents do in the community is a wonderful thing.


Guess what? One of Shooting Star parents came to share about their profession as health workers. They showed us how they diagnose the patients. As a doctor, listening to the patient is the very first thing he/she does. After listening to the complain of the patient, a doctor examines the patient by using a stethoscope, once the examination is done, a doctor thinks what kind of illness the patient has, and then treat the patient. Thank you, doctors for keeping the community healthy. And thank you for showing us the different kinds of equipment you use and for allowing us to use the stethoscope. It was a wonderful thing listening to our heartbeat.

何と、Shooting Starクラスのお友達のご両親が医療従事者としてお仕事を紹介しにお越し下さいました。どのように患者さんを診断するのか実際に実演して下さいました。医師として患者さんの様子をお聞きするのが、まず最初の仕事です。患者さんの症状をお聞きした後、意思は聴診器を使用し体の様子を確認します。それが終わると医師は患者さんばどの様な病気なのかを診断し治療します。先生方、地域の方の健康に貢献して下さり有難うございます。そして診察で使用する様々な種類の器具も紹介して下さり、聴診器にも触らせて下さいました。心臓の音を聞くという貴重な体験でした。

It may be tempting to hide in the classroom in winter to keep warm, but outdoor play is essential for our well-being all year long. As we spent time in the cold, we developed resilience and that’s why we still walked to Nambu park despite of the cold weather. As we moved our body, we felt warm but ops, we still need to wear our jacket.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.