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G2 – A Prosperous New Year!

Before the year 2021 ends, we had a chance to celebrate the feast by simply playing some games. It was great because everyone were able to attend and participate the games. Some games that we did were scoop it up, cookie face, sack race, and balloon race. It was amazing because even though some games were new to us but still we played it successfully. It was indeed a great experience for all of us.
2021年が終わる前に、私たちはいくつかのゲームをし、皆んなで楽しくパーティーをしました。 全員がゲームに参加することができたので、とても嬉しかったです。私たちが行ったゲームは、すくい上げ、クッキーの顔、袋レース、風船レースです。いくつかのゲームは初めてでしたが、それでも生徒たちは楽しく参加できたので、とてもよかったです。いい経験になりました。

How We Organize Ourselves (Unit 5)

Our lesson for this month of January is about Local Government (Unit 5). This topic covers the following ideas: definition and purpose of the government, workers of the government, basic structure of the local government, and what ways we can help or support the projects of local government. Since the idea of local government in Japan is complex, we tried to use the deductive method of learning (broad generalizations to specific observations) and experiential learning (learning by doing approach) just to simplify the idea and reachable in our hands.

By using deductive method, we used the concept of a poster making idea about “How We Organize Ourselves”. This poster was influenced and supported by some books related to government. One of the idea that the poster wanted to show us was the well organized community in different perspectives. From the beginning, some of us didn’t yet understand the concept of the poster. But as we went along, with the support of learning materials around us, and teaming we slowly unlocked the meaning and dissected some important ideas of the lesson.

For further knowledge, we used slideshow presentation so we we’re able to share our ideas easily to others. When it comes to experiential learning, we are aiming to apply the voting or election procedures for more input of learning. Through actual application, the more they are aware about the concept and the more they appreciate the process of learning.




“The nomination for mayor is now open.” “I will nominate ____ for Mayor”.