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Welcome to Kindergarten! (Aurora April 6-10)

A warm welcome to all our Aurora kindergarteners! We are so glad having such beautiful and bright little stars in our class.


In our classroom, we want every student to feel safe, cared about, and excited when they come to school each day. We promise to help them learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom.


The first week of school was all about getting familiar with the new set of rules and everyday routines like how to sort out their belongings in the morning, how to get ready for lunch, how to brush their teeth, and how to walk in the line.


We went to the park. We practiced walking around the park, getting them ready to walk to the park soon. We pretended to cross the street raising their hands up, stop when car is coming and hears the whistle blown by the teacher. Well done, boys and girls! After that, we let them play and get along with their friends.


Aurora had their first tracing activity using crayons. We’ll do more tracing practices on the following weeks.


We also welcomed new friends on Wednesday. We are all happy to have you in our class. We are going to have a wonderful school year together!

新しいお友達が水曜日から一緒にオーロラさんになりました!園庭でも仲良く遊びました❤️ 人数が多いクラスですが、その分元気も100倍💪 1年間みんなと学べること、とても嬉しく思っています♫

Thank you so much for your support, dear parents! Have a great weekend!