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Can’t wait for the Christmas Show! Aurora Nov.28-Dec.2 

Hi everyone🤗 and welcome back to Aurora’s weekly blog! It’s December and everyone in our class is getting more excited about the most awaited Christmas Show. During the morning routine, they always say “I like December because it’s Christmas Show!” or “It’s almost Christmas Show!” Each of the characters in the Gingerbread Man story do their best every time we practice. Well done, everyone!👏👏👏

In our Music class, they are learning new Japanese songs such as “Mochi Tsuki” and “Yuki”. They loved to dance while trying to sing the songs. They also practice the Music performance for the Christmas Show. This time, we let them do it without the teachers and they did great!⭐

In Phonics, we learned about the uppercase and lowercase letter Uu. We learned that this letter has two different sounds as in umbrella, up, and underwear; and as in unicorn, uniform, and unicycle.We also played the letter Uu Slap game which they really enjoyed like the first time they played it. Another activity we did is identifying the letter Uu through flashcards wherein students would only stomp their feet when the teacher showed the target letter. If it’s not the letter Uu, they should not move or stomp their feet. Everybody was focused on doing the activities and showed that they could recognize and identify the letter Uu.🤩

They also practiced writing uppercase letter U and they said it was very easy because they only have to follow one number in writing it.✍

Playing at the park is always their favorite! Since the temperature is getting cooler, we always play Mr. Wolf before letting them play at the structure and jog around the park to make sure they move their body and help to keep them warm.😃

On Thursday, we got a chance to watch a puppet show here in school. Everyone was entertained and had fun watching the story of an old man and a raccoon dog. Even after the show, some of them were copying the lines they remembered from the story. What a great experience indeed!😀

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊