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Rainbow December 10-14

After so many practices, the Christmas Show has finally come. Good job Rainbow for the amazing performance! It was indeed a great moment for parents and grandparents seeing their dear little ones performed on stage. Thank you all for your presence.

In this week, we have still focused on our topic about Christmas. We sang What do you want for Christmas? Rainbow made their own sentence like; I want a fire truck, I want a sandpit, I want a robot, I want a train, etc.
今週は、先週のブログでも紹介しました”What do you want  for Christmas “の曲にある言い回しを使って自分のほしい物を教えてくれました。“I want a fire truck(消防車がほしい)” “I want a sand pit (砂場がほしい)”と上手に文を作る事が出来ました。

Although it’s very cold in the gym, but Rainbow together with the other classes had a great time participating in all the gym activities. They showed confidence in climbing up on the jumping box and jumped with a smile.

We had a surprise earthquake drill. Although Rainbow wasn’t told about it, but they did it accordingly. We hid under the table and evacuated quietly covering our head. Everyone had a clear understanding about the safety precautions when the real shaking happens.
今月の避難訓練は、事前の知らせなしで地震が起きた時の場合を想定した訓練でした。いつも通りの朝の会で”Earthquake!! Earthquake!!”の知らせに少し戸惑った子ども達もMs Marlynの指示を聞いて速やかに机の下に隠れる事が出来ました。非難する時も、火事の時とは違いしっかり手を頭の上において静かに非難が出来ました。

Have a lovely weekend.