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Show and Tell! Aurora Oct.31-Nov.4

Hello everyone!🤗
This week, we continue to explore LOI2: Ways to communicate with others which focuses on communicating orally or by using words. We had two speaking activities which helped Aurora class to boost their confidence and develop English speaking skills. These activities also taught them to be communicators. We did Tell Me a Story and Show and Tell.🎤

In the first activity, Tell Me a Story, I showed various pictures to the class and anyone was free to share their thoughts, feelings, or stories about the picture shown. Everyone participated well and excitedly shared their stories and with that we were able to know more about them and it’s very interesting! They all have many stories to tell and they tried their best to communicate in English and we are so proud of them. Great job, Aurora!👏👏👏

The highlight of this week was our Show and Tell activity wherein each student brought something that is very special to them and it’s their favorite toy. Show and Tell gives children an opportunity to stand up in front of their friends and speak about a topic that interests them or share something that they love. It builds confidence and helps children develop effective communication skills.

Everyone came to school delightedly because they have their favorite toy with them. They were also happy to see what their friends got and listened attentively to everyone’s story. We asked them what they call their toy, why they like it, and how they play with it. Everyone did a wonderful job in sharing about their favorite toy!🌟 Thank you, dear Aurora parents, for your cooperation in this activity!🙇‍♀️

As part of our UOI lesson, we also started to practice the play that we are going to present on the Christmas Show which is The Gingerbread Man. Each of them chose the role they wanted to play in the story. They are very excited for this and for sure will do their best to give you an awesome performance.🥰

The same goes with our Music class. They practiced the music performance for the Christmas Show, but this time in divided groups (castanets and bells).

Last week we collected some fallen leaves at the park and now we created a craft which we called Leaf Animals using those leaves. Students thought of an animal they would like to make and did their best to put the leaves together to create the picture of animals. Some of their works are butterfly, rabbit, panda, mouse, lion, bird, kangaroo, and hedgehog. Amazing work!🤩🍂

At the gym, our very energetic Aurora students got thrilled with the triangular tunnels and crawled through it with excitement. They also did forward roll and rolled like sweet potatoes.🥔

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊