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“We Welcome the Month of December” Aurora- Nov 29th-Dec 3rd

Hello Everyone,


Wishing you a magical, magnificent, and merry month of December!


This is the most awaited month for us because one of the biggest events at ISN takes place in December.


👉 Unit of Inquiry

For our UOI, we focused on practicing how to deliver our lines with feelings, singing and dancing with big actions and big voices. We also practiced entering and exiting on stage with the right order of characters. We went to the gym to have our practice. It was hard for us to practice at the beginning because it was our first time practicing at a huge place, on our second try however, we got better and we were all happy and satisfied.


We also had our photo opportunity with our costumes. Aren’t we cute?


👉 Phonics and Tracing Letter

We have been reviewing our phonics from A-Z by matching the alphabet with the object, matching upper case and lower case letters and tracing small case.


👉 Park

And we had so much fun playing in the park. We enjoyed the company of our friends, we play and get along well with each other. We have grown up!


Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe 🥰.良い週末をお過ごしください!