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WELCOME TO RAINBOW CLASS!!! Rainbow April 7th-15th

Hi everyone! Welcome to our first blog for this school year! We are so happy and excited to share with you all the highlights of how our little ones enjoyed their first two weeks in our class at school…🌈


Some of our young ones had a little hard time to say goodbye to their moms but we are so proud of how strong they are to easily cope up with their separation anxiety!👏🏻


In our first 3 days together, we motivated, inspired and played with them so they can get used to our routines. Our youngsters had a great time playing at the school yard with their friends from other nursery class, too! They ran around and discovered new things around them such as small insects.🌟


Few days after we started our class, we can already see some progress in our students! We taught them how to roll up their sleeves and wash their hands, how to put on their shoes by themselves, and how to make a train and walk nicely in the hallway. Great job!!!⭐


In our class, we foster reading books. We- teachers read books to them and we also let them read by themselves. Reading books help the students to develop their minds— ability to focus, and communication skills.📚
Our dear ones loved it a lot!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!✨