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LET'S DO THE CHICKEN DANCE!- Rainbow October 18th-22nd

Dance exercise is one of the best ways to improve children’s flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion, stamina, muscle tone, strength, and posture. Children strengthen their cognitive abilities and memory skills through learning choreography.
This week, our little ones learned a new dance exercise! We danced Chicken dance and they loved it!🐔

ダンスエクササイズは、柔軟性、協調性、バランス、可動域、スタミナ、筋緊張、強靭さ、姿勢を改善するための最良の方法の1つです。 子ども達は振り付けを学ぶことで認知能力と記憶力を高めています。 今週は新しいダンス「チキンダンス」の練習をしました! みんなこれが大好きです!

It’s getting colder now! It’s a great exercise to go for a 15-minute walk to the park. It’s also a good opportunity for our little ones to discover and learn new things around them. Before we cross the road, we always remind them about the traffic light. If the light is “red”, we need to stop and wait for the light to turn “green” before we go and we need to put our hands up for our safety. Our youngsters are doing perfectly great in obeying the traffic signals and road safety rules.

寒くなってきました! 公園まで15分のウオーキングは良い運動です。子ども達にとって新しい発見や、学びの良い機会でもあります。 道路を横断する前にはいつも信号機について再確認しています。信号の「赤」は止まれ、「緑」に変わってから、手を上げて渡ります。 子ども達は信号機や交通安全のルールをしっかり守っています。

Everyone loves going to the gym! Our young ones love doing various exercises most especially, running around and chasing one another! These kind of activities also develop child’s social skills.

みんなジムに行くのが大好き! 走り回ったり、追いかけっこをしたり、様々な運動を楽しんでいます! この種の活動は子ども達の社会的能力の発達も助けます。

This week, we conducted a Fire Drill. We taught them the safety precautions, do’s and don’ts when there’s a fire such as: 


  1. Cover your mouth. (口を覆う)
  2. Do not come back. (戻らない)
  3. Do not run. (走らない)
  4. Do not push your friends. (押さない)
  5. Do not talk. (しゃべらない) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!