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HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF!- Canyon June 13th-17th

Hi everyone!🌟
“Hard work always pays off!”
This month, we started to discuss our new learner profile— balanced which means “we look after ourselves”. This learner profile teaches our little ones how to take care of themselves, how to be responsible, and be mindful about themselves like: eating healthy foods, taking shower everyday, brushing their teeth properly, washing their hands thoroughly, using tissue to blow their nose and putting it in the bin, checking their clothes and shoes if they are backside or inside out. We can see that they are doing well in applying it in their daily lives at school!✨ That’s why we came up to an idea to have the “Best Students” everyday!👑 Our youngsters has been working so hard to be principled, open-minded, and balanced! They are now reaping the benefits of it. We are very proud seeing them trying their best to be the best version of themselves!💖 Congratulations!!!⭐

“we look after ourselves “という意味の新しい学習者像、”balanced”(バランス)について学んでいます。このlearner profileは、健康的な食事をする、毎日お風呂に入る、丁寧に歯を磨く、手をよく洗う、ティッシュで鼻をかみゴミ箱に捨てる、服や靴を正しく着用するなど、自分自身を大切にし、責任を持って行動する方法を教えるものです。そして普段の生活で実践できた生徒を毎日1人ずつ「ベスト・スチューデント」として表彰しています👑!「こんな約束が守れていたね!」「こんな事が上手にできていたよ!」などと声を掛けられながらクラウンを冠せてもらうみんなの表情は、少し照れながらもとても誇らしげ😊努力は必ず報われる!ですね✨

Some of our main goals in Canyon class are to build a good rapport between each student and boost their self-confidence. This June, we began having “Little Helpers”. Our helpers’ roles are to stand in front of the class during lunch and snack time to check if their friends are ready to eat. They check them by asking them, “are you ready?” and if their friends say, “yes, we are!” then it’s time to check their stuffs needed for lunch or snack. Helpers ask them “do you have your water bottle, chopsticks, wet towel, lunch?” others will say, “yes, we do!” and ask them to “put your hands together” and say, “itadakimasu, thank you for the food” altogether.🙏🏻 Well done!!! Thank you for your help, young ones!👏🏻

少しずつスクールでの生活に慣れてきたみんなに、今月から”Little Helpers “をしてもらっています。これはクラスの一員としての自分の役割をもち、大きな自信をつけてもらう目的があります。ランチやスナックの時間に「準備はできましたか?水筒、お箸、口拭きタオル、ランチはありますか?」と声をかけ、手を合わせて「いただきます」と言ってもらう重要なお仕事!!みんなとってもよく頑張っています👏🏻👏🏻

In our Lines of Inquiry 3, we are learning about our “School Community”. We are happy that our youngsters are now very familiar with all the teachers and classes in the campus! In our activity, we asked them to cite a classroom and find the picture of the teacher in that class. Also, we discussed the areas in the campus and most importantly, our school rules such as:

  1. Hallway
    Rule: Do not run in the hallway.
  2. Office
    Rules: Knock on the door first and ask for permission before you come inside by saying “May I come in?”
  3. Library
    Rules: Use a quiet voice, take care of books, and put them back in its proper place.
  4. Stairway
    Rules: Go upstairs one by one, hold the handrail, and do not push your friend.
  5. Bathroom
    Rules: Sit nicely on the toilet and flush the toilet after use.
  6. Sandpit
    Rules: Don’t throw sand and keep the sand and toys inside the sandpit.
  7. Bus
    Rules: Get on the bus one by one and hold the handrail, do not stand and play while bus is in motion.

Our little ones were very aware of our school rules and can share some ideas such as: no running, be quite, knock first, no pushing, hold the handle, no playing on the bus! We were surprised hearing those words! Thank you for your great ideas, Canyon!🙌🏻

Lines of Inquiry 3では、”School Community “について学んでいます。各教室のイラストをあげ「オフィスには誰がいるかな?」「ミュージックレッスンをしてくれる人は?」などと、先生の顔写真を探し当てはめるアクティビティをしました。みんな先生の顔や名前をよく覚えていて、楽しく答えられました🙌!また、キャンパス内で安全に快適に過ごすためのルールについても話し合いました。









This week was a very special one because we had some guest speakers!🤩 As part of our lesson about school community, we invited some teachers to come to our class and tell something about their roles. Our young ones were very happy to see and listen to Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shizuka as they showed some flashcards and brought donuts toy and played with them! Thank you so much to our visitors! We had so much fun!🙇🏻‍♀🙇🏻‍♂


Our this month’s phrase is: “What are you doing?” We often use it these days to communicate and practice our youngsters’ English speaking skills. In our activity, we asked them to ask each other about what they are doing such as: “washing, eating, dancing, running, drawing, and sleeping” and practice saying “I’m ____________.”
Good job!⭐

今月のフレーズ”What are you doing?”に合わせたアクティビティでは、「洗う」「食べる」「踊る」「走る」「描く」「寝る」など、今していることをお互いに聞き合ってもらいました。1人が好きなフラッシュカードを選び、”What are you doing?”と質問してくれるペアのお友達に”I’m ______________”と言う練習もしましたよ!別の日、「I’m washing washing〜♪」とフレーズソングを口ずさみながら手を洗っている子もいましたよ⭐︎(*^^*)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!✨