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OUR STAR STUDENTS- Canyon June 20th-24th

Time flies so fast! We are almost done with our unit of inquiry 1… this week, we reviewed all the lines of inquiry 1-3. It was good to know that our youngsters still remember all the lessons we have learned such as:
LOI1: My Roles at School
LOI2: Myself and People Around Me
LOI3: My School Community


LOI1: スクールでの自分の役割

LOI2: 自分自身と私の周りの人たち

LOI3: 私のスクールコミュニティ

Also, we tackled our learner profile such as: principled, open-minded, balanced. Our little ones shared their ideas, too! For their roles at school, they said they need to carry their backpacks by themselves and put their stuffs in the basket, they have to get their apron & chopsticks from their lunch bag before lunch time, and after they finish eating they need to clean up their plate and put it in the container outside, clean up the lunch stuff and put it in their plastic bags, and after eating lunch they need to change their clothes into PJ and fold it nicely. We were so amazed at how they share their ideas in class! Well done! Lastly, we recalled who are the people around them inside and outside the classroom and the rules we have to follow at school. It was a quite long-fun journey, Canyon!⭐


We would like to send our deepest gratitude to all the parents who exerted their efforts to come in our School Open Day!!!💟 Your presence means a lot to us! Our young ones were so happy and excited seeing all of you. They all did their best to show you that they are doing well at school.🤩 Thank you for your support, parents! We really appreciate it!


This week, we started to train them on how to scissors. We set the rules such as:

  1. Do not use scissors to cut your friend’s hair.
  2. Do not use scissors to cut your friend’s clothes.
  3. Do not use scissors to cut your friend’s finger.

We also taught them the proper way of using scissors.

  1. Sit down when you are cutting something.
  2. Hold the blade down when walking with scissors.
  3. Always walk when carrying scissors.
  4. Pass scissors’ handle first to your friends.






This hot weather can’t stop us from having fun at the gym!💥 We have a new favorite activity to do in the gym! We loved playing with the parachute!🪂 Here’s a glimpse of how we did it!✨


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!✨ Stay hydrated!💦