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THE BEST FIELD TRIP TO THE PARK- Canyon Feb 27th- Mar 3rd

Hi everyone!
This week was a very special one because it was our first time to go for a trip to the park by train! In our UOI, we are learning about the past and present transportation. It was a wonderful experience indeed for our little ones to learn and differentiate the difference between old and modern vehicles. Everyone was so excited to get on the train and see the different types of land transport while we were on our way to the park!
Here’s a glimpse of our fun-learning trip!

楽しみにしていたイベント!今(ローカル線)と昔(SL)の電車に実際に乗り違いを見つけました。「What is this(つり革)?」「It’s fast!!」と電車の中は興味津々。特急電車や貨物列車、コンテナなども車窓から見つけ、近くの友達と(電車でのルールを守り)静かに話しながら楽しみました。公園では、今の電車よりも大きくてごつごつした見た目の機関車に大興奮!運転室が解放されていて、ハンドルやレバーなどを動かしたり運転席に座ったりして楽しみました。車輪の大きさや色、運転技術など様々な違いを実際に見る事が出来て、より探求が深まったと思います。朝の登園時間などご協力いただきありがとうございました。

Hinamatsuri means Doll Festival, also referred as Girl’s Day is celebrated every year on March 3rd. For this festival, families hope for the happiness and prosperity of their girls.
For our craft, our youngster made a cute doll with their pictures on it! For the doll’s dress, they folded the origami paper to make a beautiful kimono. Well done!


For our summative assessment, we asked our little ones to create a 3D transportation made of recyclable materials at home based on what they think their favorite transportation will look like in the future. This activity fostered creativity and imagination in students to develop their ability to think and let their imagination guide them to what they want to do. Our young ones presented their craft to the class one by one and explained its difference from our present vehicles. Excellent job, Canyon!!!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!