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Canyon’s School Open Day- Canyon(June 5-9)

Hello everyone,

Here’s another fun week here in Canyon. It was a sunny day a perfect weather to explore outside. We had the chance to go the park by bus with the oldest class in the campus. They took care of the Canyon students walking with their hands holding each other and played together. The temperature was hot and some kids took off their socks and shoes walked and ran with bare feet on the grass.The play structures were high but our youngsters challenged themselves climbing up and down. They had a blast and took turns with the other kids too.


School open day

We had our school open day this week. Kids were excited and delighted having their parents at school. They behaved as usual and showed their best to their parents. We are so proud of you, our little boys and girls. Starting from the music class, our youngsters sang the new songs of the month with gestures and enjoyed using the maracas and castanets. They did the activity, tapping their family’s shoulders with the beat of the song. Parents felt comforted while their children showed care to their parents. Kids also did the craft with their families. They made a walking bag. Parents cooperated on braiding the rope to make a string while kids draw for the bag cover. We felt a strong bonding with their families and making something together gives a closer relationship to each other.

Thank you, to all the families who came and allotted your time observing the kids growth and how they spend their life at school. We appreciated your presence and care for the kids. Hope you had a good time.



Let’s make something out of the shapes

We reviewed the name of shapes. Kids were able to name name. Then, let students chose the shapes and let think what they can make out of them. They were able to connect each shape and some kids made cars, houses, trees, flag, and traffic light. They showed their work in front of their friends and named what they are. Good job, Canyon!


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.