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How to keep a good teeth- Canyon(June 12-16)


This week, despite dull, rainy, and humid days we still enjoy spending fun time indoors and outdoors. Our youngsters had a blast on our first day playing with friends in the older class. In Canyon’s classroom, we played the newspaper game. Rainforest students took their pair in Canyon students. They were able to follow the teacher’s instructions doing the rock, scissors, and paper, and when they lose they have to fold the newspaper and have to step on the space left. Our youngsters felt loved and cared of for the Rainforest students’ kindness.


June 8th was “Tooth decay day” (虫歯の日). We talked about how to care for and keep good teeth”. We asked the students “What will happen if you will not brush your teeth properly?” Students raised their hands and gave their opinions. We also invited a dental hygienist to talk to us about dental hygiene and she taught us the ways to have healthy teeth. We were also taught the proper brushing by holding the toothbrush facing inward to brush our inner teeth by saying”Hello” and facing outward to brush the outer teeth by saying “Goodbye” We learned that to have healthy teeth, we have to chew the food well to exercise the muscles in the face, eat healthy foods, have exercise and have a good sitting and standing posture. We learned that we should be “Balanced” to keep good teeth. We also made a craft of sparkling teeth. Our youngsters cut the white paper for the teeth and draw their faces and stuck on the mouth and the white teeth. Well done, Canyon!

6月8日は「虫歯の日」でした。今月は、「いい歯を作るには?」について話しをしています。歯科衛生士の方もお招きして、健康な歯を保つための方法について教えていただきました。また、歯ブラシの持ち方で、下の歯を磨くときは「こんにちは」、上の歯を磨くときは「さようなら」と言いながら、正しいブラッシングを教わりました。健康な歯を保つためには、食べ物をよく噛んで顔の筋肉を鍛え、運動をする事。また、正しい舌の位置についても教えていただきました。健康な歯を保つためには、【バランス】が大切なんですね。また、どんな歯がいい歯かな?とみんなで工作も行いました。 大きな口を開けている自分の顔を描いたら、白い紙をハサミで切って歯を作り、のりで貼り付けました。歯ブラシを渡すと制作した自分の歯に、歯磨きをして見せてくれる子もいました。

MUD play

This week we started the mud play. We went out after the rain to explore in muddy puddles. We took advantage of getting in and experienced how does it feel. They had a blast walking in the mud, digging, squishing, splashing, scooping and even brought their toys and played there. Some kids who were timid when they touched once, but later on said, “It’s fun!” It is said that germs found in the mud may help strengthen the child’s immune system and also allows children to connect and interact with nature and helps develop tactile skills with sensory play. To dear families thank you for your cooperation for providing the mud play change clothes and thanks for taking care of the laundry after the play.

泥んこ遊びをしました。泥の中を裸足で歩いたり、はねたり、泥を掘ったり、おもちゃを持って行って遊んだりと大はしゃぎでした。泥や汚れる事に抵抗があった子どもも、一度だけ触ってみると「ぬるぬるするー…。でも気持ちいい!」と最後には “楽しい!”と言ってくれました。お洗濯の方ご協力ありがとうございます。持ち帰った洋服を見て、どの位泥遊びを楽しんだのか想像できるかと思います。泥に含まれる細菌が子どもの免疫力を高めると言われています。また、子ども達は自然とつながり、触れ合うことができ、感覚的な遊びで触覚の発達を助けることができます。これからも、いろいろな事に挑戦し経験させていってあげたいです。

Phonics Ff

This week, we learned the Phonics “Ff” and its sound. After we sang the phonics song, we introduced the words which start with letter “Ff” using the flashcards. Some of the examples are F-f flower, F-f frog, F f family, F f foot, F-f fish, F-f fan, Our youngsters were excited raising their hands and picking up the cards and say it with confidence in front of their friends. Well done, Canyon!

今週は、フォニックス “Ff “とその音を学びました。フォニックスソングを歌った後、フラッシュカードを使って “Ff “で始まる単語を紹介しました。例えば、F-f flower, F-f frog, F f family, F f foot, F-f fish, F-f fan, などです。子ども達は、手を挙げてカードを手に取り、友達の前で自信を持って発表していました!

Our youngsters doing their roles in the classroom. Folding their aprons after eating lunch, putting on and changing their clothes and pajamas and putting on their socks and shoes.


Here are the songs we sing this month. Please enjoy watching, singing and dancing with the kids.


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Have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday.