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We are Caring- Canyon(Canyon- August 28th-September 1st)

Hello everyone,

Canyon students do their task of taking care of their pets at school. This week, we asked them how they take care of their pet and demonstrate in front of their friends. We conveyed to them to say the phrases: I`m brushing my pet, I’m feeding, give a shower, brushing teeth. They showed to be caring by giving the needs of their pets.


We also watched the video ” A Whale’s Tale”. It is about the polluted ocean because of the rubbish thrown in the water. Sea animals can’t live comfortably and are in danger because of the dirty water. We asked the children what should they do to contribute to helping the sea animals as a caring individual. Most of them answered, “Don’t throw the rubbish anywhere or in the water”.

『A Whale’s Tale』というゴミが海に捨てられ、海が汚染されているという内容のビデオを見ました。汚れた海のせいで、海の動物たちは快適に暮らすことができず、危険にさらされています。海の動物たちを助けるためには何ができるのか、尋ねると、ほとんどの子が「ゴミを海に捨てないこと」と答えていました。

We conducted the earthquake drill during nap time. We shouted, “There’s an earthquake!” and all the kids woke up. We asked them to cover their head with their bed until the shaking stopped. We evacuated at the entrance and talked about what was happening. We then reviewed the rules when evacuating when an earthquake occurs while sleeping. Since there was no table to hide on when it was shaking, the most important thing we had to do was to protect our heads by using the beds in case of falling heavy objects.


The class worked together making the craft for the Sports Festival. They enjoyed painting the cardboard making a big African mask to be decorated in the gym. They were able to figure out how to draw a face using the paint.


The weather was quite cooler than usual and we had the chance to play in the yard after many days of construction. Kids were so excited to play in the new play area where there were car tires where they could climb up and jump. They lined up patiently and took turns playing together. We also checked our corn and it was growing bigger. We hope to have a small harvest before this summer ends. And also, The sandpit was crowded too.


Before we went back into the room, we did the race dividing them into two groups competing with each other. They sweat a lot and get tired and hungry. They enjoyed their lunch and finished eating faster than usual.


We celebrated the birthday of our August birthday celebrants including our dear Ms. Ayako. They were so delighted to receive a birthday card from the teacher and had a blast guessing the “What’s on your head” game. They were able to answer their friends’ questions such as: How old are you?; What present did you receive on your birthday?; and so on. We ended the party singing the Happy Birthday song for them.

8月のお誕生会をしました。Canyonクラスからは、2人お友達とMs.Ayakoがお祝いしてもらいました。”What’s on your head” という、誕生児の冠についている絵を、他のお友達が言うヒントで何かを当てるという楽しいゲームで盛り上がりました。

See you next week! Have a wonderful weekend.