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Change of season affects our emotion (October 4th-8th)

Hello everyone,

The breeze is getting cooler, and mornings and nights are getting colder. We need to adjust to different things. The change of season, affects our emotion, due to the cool weather our body also calm down.

We had a lot of time spent outside, playing and feeling the cool breeze. We went to the park and the children spent most of their energy running around, sliding down the slide, and challenging themselves to play on the monkey bars. They had a good time playing together with their friends.



After our little harvest, we have to clean the dried corn in the yard. Our youngsters had good teamwork pulling them out of the soil together. They held their friends back and with everyone’s strength, the work became easier. We wish to have another chance to do it again.


We will be starting the new unit of our UOI next week and we wish to apply what we have learned from the past units and we are excited to explore and inquire.

Thank you for this week and hope to see everyone’s smile on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend.