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Canyon's Little Pet

For the month of February, we’ve been talking about helping animals. We started helping animals at home. How can we help our pets? How can we take care of them?

We read a book entitled “JUST ME AND MY PUPPY” where we got some ideas on how to take care of a pet specially a dog. You need to give him food and water, give him a bath, and play with him. Some of them shared that they also have a pet such as dogs, cats, and hamsters.


JUST ME AND MY PUPPYという本を読んで、主人公が動物(犬)をどのようにお世話するのかを知りました。主人公は、犬に食事や水を与えたり、お風呂に入れてあげたり、犬と遊んであげたりしていました。お家で飼っているペット、犬、猫、ハムスターなどのお話をしてくれる子もいました。

Our class created their own pretend pet which is a dog. They used paper cups, drew and pasted the necessary body parts of a dog. They were so excited while doing this craft and happy when they did it well! Very good, Canyon!


With this cute little pet, through a game, they showed and demonstrated how to take good care of their pets. They needed to pick the necessary objects to do the command called out by the teacher.


The class was also reminded about eating manners. We describe their plate as Good or Bad. Good if they finished all the food in their plate without any leftover and Bad if not. Clean plate, please!


Canyon did their best in the gym and at the park to keep their bodies warm and physical activities are a good way to resist cold environment.


In Math, we’ve been sequencing numbers from 1 to 15 and rote counting 1 up to 50. They even tried to do it individually, and I was surprised that most of them could do it very well. Good job, Canyon! 

数の学習では、1から15の数字カードを順番に並べるゲームをしたり、1から50までの数を数えたりました。一人ずつ前に出てきて1から50まで続けて数えてもらいましたが、ほとんどの子が出来ていてとてもびっくりしました! Good job, Canyon! 

Thanks for reading our blog and see you tomorrow, dear parents! Have a good weekend!