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Rainforest and Yamaga FC: Soccer Forever! June 19-23

The highlight this week was a soccer lesson by the brilliant and humorous Yamaga FC coaches. Together with Savannah class, our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We had a fun warm up with sh sh shuriken moves and spins. Next, we were taught to dribble the ball. We were also shown how to stop a rolling ball by gently stepping on it with one foot and saying ‘Yamaga Stop!’ There were goals posts set up. Our junior footballers practised their super kicks…Gooooooal!

今週のハイライトは、ユーモア溢れる山雅FCのコーチによるサッカーレッスンです。サバンナクラスと一緒に、サッカー体験を楽しみました!手裏剣の動きやスピンで楽しくウォーミングアップをしました。 そして、コーチからドリブルを教わりました。転がってくるボールを片足でそっと踏んで「山雅ストップ!」と言って止める方法も教えてもらいました。さらに、みんなで、ゴールポストに向かってスーパーキックの練習をしました。

We continued to monitor the progress of our red radishes in our Plant Diary. The stems were turning red and so were the leaves. We plucked first true leaves and tried them as salad at snack time. The feedback – ‘I like it! Can I have more?’, ‘No, I don’t want more’, ‘It is sweet’.

We worked on our high frequency words, reading and spelling them through games. The easy basic tier words, we call them Golden Words like ‘to, and, is, in‘, we read them in a speed round game. We moved to the next level Red Words when everyone could read all basic Golden Words fluently. Well done! In our Music Lesson, we learned a Japanese song. Rainforest could clap their hands and sing along. Good job! We had our very first Mud Play for the season- ‘It’s a muddy puddle! It’s like a river! The water here is cool!’

Till next week, take care and have a fantastic weekend.