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Summer Craze! – Savanna 6/26-6/30

June, as we know it, is the gateway to summer, the temperature rises every day and plants and flowers continue to grow to give our eyes more things to enjoy!

This week in Savanna’s class, we took the chance to bond with mother nature. On Monday, we headed to the lavender park to enjoy the beautiful scenery as we stretched our leg muscles and practiced walking. It was so nice to see different flowers surrounding the park and the living creatures specifically the insects that are working on each plant.


今週はそういった自然とのつながりを深める機会が多くありました。月曜日は公園行って、一面に咲いたラベンダー園の中を歩いて散歩しました。 公園を取り囲む様々な花や、植物の周りにいる昆虫などの生き物を見つけて、楽しんできました。

After observing some flowers in the park, the following day we all observed another type of flower that is seen around the campus, Hydrangea. The kids had so much fun counting the petals, reciting the colors that they see, and talking about other flowers they know. After the observation, we made hydrangea flowers as a craft activity and used the finished product to decorate our classroom.


The fun will not be complete without playing in the water. We all went outdoors, took off our shoes and socks, and enjoyed playing in the mud barefoot! It was another unforgettable experience for all of us, and we will enjoy more water activities in the coming week because they are fun!


Before we finally bid goodbye to the month of June, we threw a birthday bash for those who are celebrating their birthdays this month! The whole campus gathered together and had an ecstatic time playing some parlor games and dancing and singing songs, the whole room was filled with not just excitement but laughter and giggling! We all can’t wait for the next party!


See you in the next blog, may you have a happy weekend and a happy summer!