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More autumn and Halloween fun!

The Nagisa Fire Station came to visit and we had our fire drill this week. The children were so excited to see the fire truck as it pulled up to the parking lot. The children listened tentatively to the explanations as they watched the teachers practice how to use the fire extinguishers. It was quite a fun experience! Thank you for visiting our school, firefighters! 

This week we made wreaths from the sweet potato vines we collected on our rice harvesting trip last week. It was so difficult trying to twist and bend those vines into the shape we wanted! With some assistance from the teachers, the children did their best and the wreaths are ready for the nature collage next month!  The children also learned how to press flowers for bookmarks, they turned out quite pretty! We cannot wait to make more next time!

The children had a jam-packed fun week, with birthday interviews, displaying Jack-O-Lanterns with tea lamp, sight word game, and recreated a volcano eruption for the miniature Jurassic Park they had made a while ago.  As the children poured vinegar into the mixture in the “mountain”, the volcano erupted and hot lava flowed down the sides and covered the dinosaurs. The children observed with wide open eyes and jaws! They still talked about it in the days that followed. 

Some of the children took the initiative to act and tell a story using the mini theater stand we have. They came up with more ideas as they made paper dolls and houses to tell their stories. We are sure as they learn to create their own stories in the UOI lessons, they will become more creative and expressive. We cannot wait to see all the creative juices flowing in the months to come! 

Ramen shop is still a hit in the class. This week more children wanted to be chefs preparing ramen while others like to be customers and enjoy a hot bowl of ramen! It was quite interesting to see them act like they are really tasting the ramens and learning to hold the chopsticks. 

The children learned about the elements of a story after reading a few more stories together. Through the discussions they have gained a clearer understanding of what are main points, plot, characters, and settings. This week they started making their own stories, some know exactly what they want while others need some guidance. No matter what, they are great thinkers and risk-takers in coming up with their own stories. We cannot wait to read all about them!