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THIS IS THE WAY WE BRUSH OUR TEETH- Rainbow December 6th-10th

Hi everyone!✨
This week, we started having a new routine in brushing our teeth. We taught and demonstrated the proper way of brushing their teeth. We brushed our teeth all together and we counted from 1-10 each side. Teaching them how to take good care of teeth can help save them from cavities and toothaches.🦷
Well done, Rainbow!!!

みなさん、こんにちは。今週から、みんな揃って歯を磨いています。先生が、前に出て見本になりながら『上の歯 1.2.3…。次は、下の歯 1.2.3…』と10秒ずつ数えながら磨いていますが、みんなとても上手!!歯を磨く大切さやキレイに磨くと虫歯にもなりにくくなるよと言うことも同時に伝えています。

This month, we’ve been learning about “toys”.🪀 Our young ones are enjoying our new song entitled, “What Do You Want for Christmas?” For our lesson, we enumerated the kinds of toys and our youngsters chose what kind of toy they want for Christmas. We also practiced saying “I want a/an __________!” 🎄 Wonderful!!!⭐


Everyone had a great time at the gym! We did various exercises such as: stretching, running back and forth, chasing one another, dancing, jumping like a frog, and rolling on the mat like a sweet potato.🚶🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♀


Have a good weekend everyone!!!✨