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Learning to tell time

For the past couple of weeks we have been learning to tell the time in Rainforest.
I have asked students what time they wake up, eat breakfast, get in the car or on
the bus and what time they go to bed. So we have made watches out of paper and
clocks that the students will keep at school to learn minutes as well as hours.
Students are slowly starting to understand that 7.45 means the hour hand is between
the 7 and 8 and the minute hand is on the 9 because we have also drawn 45 minutes
there too.
We are continuing to learn about how people share responsibility so we used photos of
Jin F’s cats and dog and talked about what his parents need to do to keep his dog happy.
For example, give the dog exercise, feed the animals everyday, give them water, have a
place for them to go to the toilet.